Friday, July 30, 2004

To a writer (I call myself a write ONLY on the basis I am attempting to transfer thoughts to words) there is nothing more intimidating then a blank white screen with a cursor blinking hypnotically lulling your brain as blank white as the screen.

Karma is growing too fast... she's almost 3 times the size she was when we first picked her up from the shelter. She's still a helleion in the morning (hasn't outgrown THAT hat quite yet) and has a thing for waking up everyone at about 7ish... We love her though.. its impossible to open your eyes and look at her and be angry when she is *just* chasing her tail on your bed.. i mean.. she obviously just wants to be close to her daddy. right? :) awwwww... She is starting to do Cat things though too.. loves to sit in the Window and look down at the city below. I wonder what she thinks about.

I think it's time to move on...

I got to play with Reason while some friends were visiting in London. Shisha Fiend, NOT just the best DJ I've ever met... he is, with out a doubt, the best DJ I've ever heard - spent some time with me going over the Program (For those that dont know Reason check it out). In minutes he produced a catchy beat, a cool synth loop and a very excited Jer. I've not been as sucessful but AM learning the basics and might even have something for you to listen to in the next blog post!
I've talked about my site before.. it's in the works again. I've totally removed what I had before and implemented DotNetNuke 1.2.1 with YAF as the forums module... I've still got a few editors rdy to pump out articles, moderators to run the forums (most of them) and a Book Review deal with that should bring some traffic to the bookstore. Tutorial authors quickly joining the ranks to develop the Tutorials section which is very, very cool.
Im open for suggestions and ideas for the site so leave a comment! - OHHH have I want an address at - if any of my readers have a spare invite puh-lease send one my way. I've been so close to getting an account so many times... did you hear? Some whackjobs are selling invites on EBAY?? HA! Wait.. thats not going to get me an invite is it? ...they've been selling for a bout a dollar... come on.

VRRRrrroommmmmmm...... NOT the sound my car is making these days.. more like *PUT*PUT*PUT*STALL* but hey.. it's just got to last me the summer :D By then I'm either high-tailin` it out of Canada...pfft.. North America. and heading East.. South East. OR I've got a spiffy new salery and I'm driving my a)dream MX3 or b)a mazda3. Or I've somehow met the love of my life and i've gotten domesticated ;) HA!

That pretty much sums up whats going on in my life (minus the private secret details that only YOU know...shhhh)

Friday, July 02, 2004

Kittens, Concerts and Movies!

Okie.. I need to tell you about Karma.. she's the precious new addition to my life. I adopted her from the Toronto Humaine Society exactly 1 week ago. She was born on April 26th, a day before my birthday :D I've got a million pictures so if you'd like to see her post a comment, send an email or come hang out :)

She is scared of the dark so I've been sleeping (or trying to) with the light on. I've got a horrible cold... you can imagine a sleeping kittens reaction to *AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO* in the middle of the night... took me an hour to get her out from under my bed.. poor girl.

I went to the Om festival this year... was a great time. BLA had great set after great set... and there is another Music Festival coming up next weekend... I just have to figure out if I'm all partied out or not... my feet have almost healed - who knew dancing for hours in new sandles was a bad idea? youch... Concerts continued.. I went to The Tragically Hip last night with Sean and Erin... was a GREAT time! :) They played a lot of new stuff from their album that JUST came out 2 days ago.. i haven't had a chance to pick it up yet. Speaking of new Albums - The Streets has an amazing new album out called "a grand dont come for free" --Mike Skinner is 'The Streets', an urban poet with skill that is jaw dropping. If I've never exposed you to them before - go download Dry your Eyes... a crushing stroy about lost love. If you like what you hear I'd suggest downloading the album, lyrics and listening to it from start to finish... its a concept album... it tells a story and from start to finish you can identify with his world... ok. enough.

Movies? I guess I've seen a few... Harry Potter 3 - blah. It wasnt bad but professor dumbldor (the new one) lost his magic... in the first two he had a magestic nature like santa clause... the new actor is hurried and unconvincing. I saw Michael Moore's new "documentry" and was impressed. Though cut-editing was obvious he really made some great points. See the film and choose your stance somewhere between the conspiricy theroies, trusting the govn't, and grass roots movements.

Name that quote: "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."

iiiight ;) I'm sick and am ging to take a nap.
thanks for reading,


Wednesday, June 02, 2004

The start of something new...

Me -- June 2nd 2004


I sit in my office as I try to think of a way to start my blog. It has to be catchy, it has to be intelligent... witty. It should not contain spelling errors and it should make you want to come back and read more...

...then I realized that even in my introduction I made it very clear my thoughts were to be raw, uncensored, and straight from mind to keyboard... So I started to type.

I saw Troy the other night... good movie.. shitty ending. I suppose they couldn't quite change the ending to suite my preferences and I wasn't surprised by the ending as I had read it long before seeing the movie... it's just.. you expect something more epic to end such a great story... It's great that the held on to the original story.. maybe they could have added something in the end though? Tell us about what happens to the city... show the little boy grown up... give me some closure damnit!!!


Anyone that knows me well.. knows this word, this sound. Ommmmmm.. it's the sound of the universe... It is also the name given to the Summer Solstices festival that happens every year. Om is an electronic music event.. but it is so much more then that as well. To quickly sum up what I can 3000 people collect in the wilderness. Stages are built... the forest filled with hammocks. tents are set up in the fields and through out the woods. A vegan kitchen sprouts up and is run for 4 days by volunteers to feed their fellow dancers, campers, hippies and friends. Everyone is camping, swimming - many nude... have you ever felt the freedom of being comfortable in your own body, swimming naked and unashamed in the day light with 3000 of your closest friends? Me neither... not yet.

The Davinci Code...
If you've read it .. you know what I'm talking about.. otherwise my only advice.. READ IT. I am not a reader.. infact this is the first book i've read in years. (Except for the mounds of technical manuals I read for 'fun' haha). I read the book in a weekend but I'd suggest you take your time if you can... if you want to read it I've got a copy to lend.

I’m Moving... again.. yes.. thats right.. I'm moving for the 2nd time this year... 9th time in 4 years... i hate moving but I'm excited about the prospect of having a condo-style apartment in Mississauga. I'll be getting a kitten after I move in... I've been looking at...

Toronto Cat Rescue


Abbey Cats adopt a kitten rather then buy one from a pet store.. this way i get the satisfaction of saving a kitten from the shelter AND they have all of there shots, etc. for $150 :D ... I'm hoping to find a little grey girl, I'll call her Karma.

Well.. it's 11:18am and I should get some more work done before I head out for lunch.